Sandra Bullock出演商業片,勢必要看一下啦!Sandra Bullock連人緣差都可以演的絲絲入扣。另一位女主角,她也是有名的喜劇演員,如果你們有看過她演出的Bridesmaids (伴娘我最大),你就會知道她也是很瘋癲,很適合出演失控派人士。當這兩個性格天差地遠的人兒碰在一起時,爆點就源源不絕了呀!


Uptight FBI Special Agent Sarah Ashburn (Sandra Bullock) and foul-mouthed Boston cop Shannon Mullins (Melissa McCarthy)couldn't be more incompatible. But when they join forces to bring down a ruthless drug lord, they become the last thing anyone expected:buddies.


  • uptight [ˈʌpˈtaɪt] (adj.) 1. 緊張的。 2. 保守的。

        Example: He's feeling a bit uptight about his exam tomorrow.

        Example: I grew to dislike the people from my background — they were rather uptight and prissy.


  • foul [faʊl] (adj.) 1. 難吃的、骯臟的、惡臭的。 2. (言語) 粗俗的、冒犯的。 3. 易怒的、暴躁的。

        Example: The smell was quite foul.

        Example: He likes to use foul language to show his anger.

        Example: Collins was in a foul mood even before the interviews began.


  • incompatible [ˌɪnkəmˈpætəbəl] (adj.) 不能和諧相處的、不協調的、不一致的。

        Example: The hours of the job are incompatible with family life.

        Example: His plan is incompatible with my intent.


  • ruthless [ˈruθlɪs] (adj.) 無情的、殘忍的、冷酷的。

        Example: The way she behaved towards him was utterly ruthless.


  • buddy [ˈbʌdi] (n.) 朋友、同伴(通常只男性的男性好兄弟)。

        Example: We became great buddies.


Mullins: You look like your going to set up a table and do their taxes!

Mullins: 你看起來好像要弄張桌子然後開始幫他們算稅。


  • set up [sɛt ʌp] (p.v.) 使(機械、設施)準備使用。

        Example: Could you help me set up the meeting room? 

I’m sorry I don’t have poached eggs and rubies for you!



  • poached egg [pəʊtʃt ɛɡ] (n.) 水波蛋。(也是水煮蛋,但是敲破再煮)

        Example: I'll have a poached egg for breakfast this morning.


scrambled egg 炒蛋

sunny side up 一面煎的太陽蛋

sunny side down/easy over 兩面煎的太陽蛋。

boiled egg 白煮蛋 (連殻) : soft boil (裡頭蛋黃還是液態,半熟狀態)/hard boil (全熟)

Mullins: What’s wrong, you look a little pale? Snowcone.

Mullins: 怎麼了?你看起來有點蒼白。雪錐。


  • pale [pel](adj.) (臉色)蒼白的。

        Example: She looked pale and tired.

        Example: She turned pale at the sight of the miserable condition.

Agent Sarah Ashburn: Men are intimidated by the presence of a strong woman.

Agent Sarah Ashburn: 男人會因為堅強女性的出現而備感威脅。


  • Intimidated [ɪnˈtɪmɪdeɪtɪd] (adj.) 1. 受到驚嚇的、膽怯的、怯場的、受到威脅的。

        Example: We try to make sure children don't feel intimidated on their first day at school.


  • presence [ˈprɛzəns] (n.) 1. 出席、到場。 2. 風度、風采、儀態。

        Example: I suppose your presence here today is not entirely coincidental.

        Example: Hendrix's stage presence appealed to thousands of teenage rebels.

Agent Sarah Ashburn: Are you about to be interrogated by an officer?

Agent Sarah Ashburn: 你差不多要被探員審問了吧?


  • interrogate [ɪnˈtɛrəˌɡet] (v.) (尤其指警察)審問、訊問。

        Example: Police interrogate his name and address.


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