Do you believe in fate ??

Sally: There's no such thing as " predicting the future "

莎莉: 根本沒有所謂「預知未來」這種事。





你相信算命嗎 ?

你覺得人能預知未來嗎 ?

今天要教的是不同的算命方法,不知各位試過哪幾種呢 ?


1.  Aeromancy / 氣象占卜

Interpreting the air and skies.


2.  Astrology / 占星術

Studying the sun, moon, planets, and stars.



3.  Cartomancy / 卡片占卜

Use of cards in fortune telling; playing cards or tarot cards are good examples.

樸克牌算命法 或 塔羅牌


4.  Crystallomancy / 水晶占卜

Foretelling the future by using crystals.


5.  Geomancy / 地占術

Studying the markings and changes in the sand.

Feng Shui is also included.



6.  Graphology / 筆跡學

Handwriting analysis as a means of understanding a person's personality.


7.  I Ching Divination / 易經占卜

Using the I Ching to tell the future.


8.  Numerology / 占數術

Interpretation of numbers to determine personality as well as future events.

開運密碼 / 生命靈數......


9.  Oneiromancy / 解夢術

Using dreams to predict the future.


10.  Onomancy / 姓名學

Basing predictions on a person's name.


11.  Ouija Board Divination / 扶乩板占卜

An alphabet board with a pointer used together with spirit contact to know more about the future.

類似所謂的 「碟仙」 或「錢仙」


12.  Palmistry / 手相術

Fortune telling by using the lines, structures and patterns of the palm.


13.  Phrenology / 頭相學

Studying the shape and bones of a person's head.



14.  Pyromancy / 火焰占卜

Learning about the future by means of fire.


15.  Tasseography / 讀茶葉

Interpreting patterns in tea leaves, coffee grounds or wine sediments.

Shown in one of the Harry Potter movies.



Do you like fortune telling ?

What methods do you think are accurate ?


I study the art of Tarot card telling.

It's amazing.

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