All I Want For Christmas Is You ~~



Little Girl: Dear Santa.......

小女孩: 親愛的聖誕老公公.......








Santa Claus, Santa Claus Main Post Office, FI-96930 Arctic Circle





1.  寫個好的開頭

e.g.  Dear Santa

e.g.  Dear Santa Claus

e.g.  Dear Father Christmas 

e.g.  Dear St. Nicholas


2.  告知姓名、性別 及 居住地

e.g.  My name is __________. I'm __________ years old and I live in ___________ .

       I have been a good  boy  /  girl  this year.


3.  問候一下聖誕老公公

e.g.  How are you ? I hope you are well.

e.g.  How are you and Mrs. Claus doing ? And how are all the the reindeer and elves ?


4.  說明自己為何算乖

e.g.  I was a good student this year and did well in my tests.

e.g.  I have been nice to everyone around me.

e.g.  I listened to my parents and teachers.


5.  禮貌的提出要求

e.g.  I hope you might be able to bring me the following --  __________, ___________, and __________

e.g.  For Christmas this year, I'd like __________ or __________.


6.  誠懇的感謝他

e.g.  Thanks for bringing me gifts every year.

e.g.  I would like to thank you for bringing these presents for me.


7.  正確的收尾 + 署名

e.g.  Sincerely

e.g.  Best wishes





Dear Santa


Merry Christmas.

I hope you're doing great.


My name is Betty and I'm ten years old.

I live with my parents and brother in Taipei.


This year, I have been a good girl.

I always help my teachers.

I also help stray animals as well.


For Christmas, I hope to get a Xbox Kinect.

If I get this present, I promise to let my brother and friends play too.


Thank you.

I hope you also have a lovely Christmas.


Lots of love




What Christmas presents have you received so far ?


I got a little bag, some lip balm and a bottle of hand cream today.


Not too bad, right ?


What about you ??





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