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Matt: I'm just trying to keep my head above water.

麥特: 我只是努力避免陷入困境。



大家想好春節要去哪裡玩了嗎 ?

有沒有要出國呢 ?




今天來上的是跟「水」有關的成語 及 俚語



1.  Be in deep water  / Be in hot water  =  陷於艱境、陷入麻煩

e.g.  She's in deep water; they caught her cheating.


2.  Blood is thicker than water  =  血濃於水


3.  Come hell or high water  =  不論如何、赴湯蹈火在所不辭

e.g.  I'll be here tomorrow; come hell or high water.


4.  Dead in the water  =  無任何成功的機會、無法在進一步的

e.g.  This plan is already dead in the water. It's time to move on.


5.  Keep ( someone's ) head above water  =  避免陷入負債;避免陷入困境、麻煩

e.g.  We earn so little, it's hard to keep our heads above water.


6.  Throw / Pour cold water on ( something )  =  潑冷水、批評


7.  Pour oil on troubled water(s)  =   平息糾紛、息事寧人


8.  Water under the bridge  =   過去的事、已成往事

e.g.  I forgive your mistake. It's water under the bridge now.


9.  Won't hold water  =   ( 理論 )站不住腳、漏洞百出

e.g.  Your excuse won't hold water. Think of another one.


10.  You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.  =   師父引進門,修行在個人。



Quiz Time: What does " You never miss the water till the well runs dry " mean ??

Tell us the answer~~~I think it's something to think about when meeting up with your family over the Chinese New Year.





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