上次介紹了由知名球星 LeBron James 所參與演出的電影。

這次帶給大家另一位天才籃球員 Michael Jordan 所演的 Space Jam / 怪物奇兵


想放輕鬆時很推薦喔 !!






Positions / 位置

  • The Five Standard Positions / 五大基本位置

-->  1.  Point guard  =  控球後衛

The team's best ball handler and passer. 

Responsible for directing plays and passing the ball, has a role similar to a captain.

Example:  Earvin "Magic" Johnson 


-->  2.  Shooting guard  =  得分後衛

The team's best shooter.

Example:  Kobe Bryant


-->  3.  Small forward  =  小前鋒

The most versatile of the main five basketball positions and should be able to do a little bit of everything on the court.

Example:  LeBron James


-->  4.  Power forward  =  大前鋒

Have the best defense and rebounding skills in the team. 

Example:  Dennis Rodman


-->  5.  Center  =  中鋒

Often the tallest players in the team.

Usually positioned under or near the basket.  

Example:  Shaquille O'Neal 



  • Others / 其它

1.  Assistant coach  =  助理教練

2.  Backup  /  Bench ( player )  =  後備球員

2.  Coach  =  教練

3.  General Manager  =  GM  =  球隊經理

4.  Mascot  =  球隊吉祥物

5.  Sixth man  =  最佳後備、第六人



Quiz Time: What position does Jeremy Lin usually play ??


If you know the answer, tell us by commenting below.....





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