雖然小編我不是科幻迷,但每每看到這種會出現〈Future Home未來之家〉的題材,還是會舉手投降,只因為自己是個3C產品購物狂。(真的很想知道如何可以把手機植入手掌中啊!~~) 




Factual errors (事實的錯誤)

If The Fall is free-falling and assuming no resistance, the occupants would be weightlessfor the entire trip. However people were shown in normal gravity except for the midpoint flip. If the ship accelerated towards the core and then decelerated to a stop on the other side, one would be flipped three times and experience gravity for most of the trip excepting the start-point roll, midpoint flip and destination roll. At 1-G the trip would take a lot more than the 17 minutes as suggested in the movie. Australia is not precisely opposite Great Britain.

假如「天梯」(The Fall)是未受阻力的情況自由落下,那乘客應該要在整個旅程中都處於無重狀態。然而,乘客除了在中心翻轉點的時間以外,都呈現正常的重力現象。假使那艘交通艦加速向地心前進,然後減速停下在另一端,每一位乘客至少都會翻轉三次,並且在整段旅程中感覺到地心引力(除了起點、中心點及終點的翻轉)。每趟旅途所需時間都會比電影中的17分鐘還要長。而且,澳洲也不是那麼剛好的在英國的另一端!


Revealing mistakes (揭露錯誤)

To travel 8,000 miles in 17 minutes the Fall has to have an average speed of 28,235 mph. At those speeds the ship would have to be traveling in a vacuum or the Fall would burn up with the friction of the air.

要在17分鐘內穿越8千哩,「天梯」必須平均要有至少28,235 mph(每小時公哩數);而在這樣的速度下,這艘交通艦在航行當中必須要是被真空的狀態,要不然在空氣的摩擦力之下,「天梯」一定會燒得精光。


Plot holes (劇情漏洞)

The Fall takes 17 minutes to travel from The UFB to The Colony. Doug sets the bomb timers for 15 minutes, which means they should explode 2 minutes before arriving, not several minutes afterward as they do in the film.




1. How many minutes does it take to travel between The UFB to the Colony?

2. With what condition, the ship might travel through the Fall without burning up?

3. In the future according to “Total Recall” — the memory could be stored.


Have you ever wished for a backup brain -- a device that could remember everything in your life from the smallest of details to your most memorable moments?



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