老電影裡頭屬一屬二的經典,一定非Breakfast at Tiffany's莫屬了!由一代女星Audrey Hepburn (奧黛麗赫本)演出,場景又圍繞著所有女孩的夢幻國度「Tiffany & Co.」,你說這種電影,你怎麼能夠錯過?





This film is the story of Holly Golightly, a charming and attractive young woman who moves to New York, partly in hopes of becoming one of the rich and beautiful people of the city.

這是一部敘述Holly Golightly故事的電影,她是一位迷人又具有吸引力的年輕女孩,她搬到紐約,希望能夠成為這個城市其中一位有錢又美麗的人。




Seven months ago, this so-called lawyer, Mr. Shaugnessy, asked me how I’d like to cheer up a lonely old man and pick up $100 a week at the same time.

7個月前,這一個自稱律師的人,Mr. Shaugnessy問我想不想要讓一個孤獨的老人家開心,同時每周都可以領取$100元。


"so-called" + 職業/人物:指某人自稱或聲稱自己是一個怎麼樣的人,但他人不能確定到底是不是。       

Example: This so-called billionaire told me he owns ten cars.


Example: There is no so-called "recipe for success".




It’s none of my business, but it sounds like you could get in a lot of trouble.



如果某件事情 "none of your business",這就表示這件事情是很私人的或是



Example: This is none of your business and you should just mind your own.




If you absolutely hate it, you can rip out everything and start from scratch.



"rip out":英文的rip out有連根拔起/狠狠拔起的意思。要讓整句話更流暢,用「鏟除」來翻譯比較恰當。

Example: Without me, people will rip out your heart and burn it!

"To start something from scratch":從新開始、從零開始

Example: If we have to start from scratch then it all takes time.




Come on, baby, open the door. Aw, be a pal.


"Come on"是一個非常多方面的英文片語,意思可以從「快點啦!」到「不要再撒謊了!」,在此句話中則有「態度友善一點」的意思。

Come on Doreen, let's dance. (Come on(表鼓勵)來吧!)

Come on! Try harder! (Come on!表加把勁)

Come on, that was two years ago. (Come on表算了吧/得了吧/拜託~)


以下幾個Come on的句子,讓你們猜猜看是什麼意思。

Come on, lighten up! It was only a joke.

Come on. It isn't the end of the world.

Come on, I'll give you the grand tour of the backyard.




1) Are Holly and Paul a good couple? Could they live happily ever after?

2) Why do you think Holly was so secretive about her past?

3) Is Holly an attractive person? What is good about her, and what is bad?

4) How were Holly and Paul similar when they met each other?

5) Can people marry just for money and still be happy?

6) What did you like and not like about this movie?



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