Are you afraid of clowns?


Jester: I was looking for you!
宮廷小丑: 我剛在找你呢!



(1) look after --> 照顧
e.g. I have to look after my younger sister today.
例: 我今天必須要照顧我妹。

(2) look for --> 尋找/注意
e.g. Look for changes in color.
例: 注意顏色的變化。

(3) look out --> 小心/留意
e.g. Look out!! There's a dog in the middle of the road.
例: 小心!! 有隻狗在路中間。

(4) look over --> 檢查/翻過
e.g. I looked over the report and it's good to go.
例: 報告我檢查過了,可以發出去了。

(5) look up --> 查詢
e.g. You can look up the answer in the dictionary.
例: 你可以查字典找答案。

(6) look up to (s.b.) --> 仰慕/尊敬
e.g. Most children look up to their teachers.
例: 大多的孩子都仰慕自己的老師。

(7) look forward to --> 期待/希望某件事快發生
e.g. I'm looking forward to meeting you.
例: 我很期待與你相見。

(8) look the other way --> 睜一隻眼閉一隻眼
e.g. Lots of women know about their husbands' affairs but choose to look the other way.
例: 很多女人知道老公外遇的事,但選擇睜一隻眼閉一隻眼。

Quiz Time: What does " look down on (s.b.)" mean??

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